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NIM on Film

The World History Project team travels to the UK to investigate the Industrial Revolution, the economics of the British Empire, and Britain in World War 1. Several films were made at Nottingham Industrial Museum and include

Films featuring NIM are in bold

  1. Britain and World War I
  2. The Macartney Expedition and the Global Economy
  3. The Origins of the Industrial Revolution (Part: Lace min: 5:40)
  4. Guilds, Wool, and Trade: Medieval England in a Global Economy
  5. The British Gas Hood
  6. Trench Fighting Weapons
  7. Victorian Washing Machines (Entire: Mrs. Bird)
  8. The Lives of the Nailers in Industrial England (Entire: Mrs. Bird)
  9. The Lives and Work of Coal Miners in Industrial England
  10. Industrialization and Clean Water (Entire: Steam Hall)

Episode 10 featuring NIMS Technical Director Peter Griffin is shown below and describes how Nottingham led the way in providing clean drinking water using steam power.

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