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V Is For Volunteer 2

Volunteer Co-ordinator – Jackie’s tale

Last October Jackie celebrated one year of volunteering with Nottingham Industrial Museum.

A year ago today I started a new chapter in my volunteer ‘career’. I became the trainee Volunteer Co-ordinator at Nottingham Industrial Museum. When I was first asked if I’d like to take on this challenge, I thought

ooh eck

I’ll never be able to do that! I don’t know anything about industrial engines, what are the guys up there like? Will they accept me?

Well, I’ve now forgotten all those doubts and insecurities. I still don’t know anything about engineering even though the guys and gals do try to teach me. Unfortunately, the information just doesn’t sink in, but it doesn’t matter as the other volunteers don’t mind (too much).

A volunteer shows Jackie which is the back end of the Fowler
A volunteer shows Jackie which is the back end of the Fowler

And a year later I’m still there and loving it. The admin work as a Volunteer Co-ordinator is varied & interesting. The physical part can be pretty challenging at times and the role is so varied it really keeps me on my toes. The volunteers are all, without exception, wonderful 🙂

Jackie keeps us all smiling
Jackie keeps us all smiling

And I have learned that the museum isn’t all about engineering; it’s about local industry, telephones, lace machines, medicines, railways, printing and transport.

It’s not only a new chapter for me personally, it’s also a new era for the museum as earlier this year it became an independent charitable trust, not part of Nottingham City Museums. It’s a huge and terrifying undertaking for the trustees as we need to make it pay in order for future generations to enjoy and learn about the industrial age.

Please show your appreciation of the hard work and dedication of these wonderful men and women by visiting us at Nottingham Industrial Museum. We have steaming days on the last Sunday of every month. We’re also beavering away in the background organising our next temporary exhibition. Please do come and see us, we love having you there.

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