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Introducing handcrafted in Nottingham

“Exit through the gift shop” is a bit of a joke. Banksy even made a film of the same name [link opens in new tab/ window].

I think we have all experienced a sinking feeling as a museum visit is punctuated with a trail through the museum shop. As a visitor, you may wonder why we direct you past postcards, pencils and beautiful artwork. The answer is cold, hard economics. Museums are expensive to run and compete for your time and attention with much cheaper attractions. So we all sell gifts and souvenirs to help bolster our income. And we all aim to sell things that are unique and genuinely of value.

Nottingham Industrial Museum celebrates industry and, by employing the skills of our talented volunteers, we plan to join a long line of Nottingham inventors, designers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers by making our souvenirs and merchandise in-house.

Now we can’t promise that we will make absolutely everything. Some great companies make souvenirs, and we will work with the best of them. But, wherever possible

we will make our museum merchandise

Watch out for updates between now and our launch in June to find out how we are getting on.

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Nottingham Industrial Museum is a Registered Charity Number: 1167388
Limited Company by Guarantee: 09679802
Registered address: The Courtyard, Wollaton Hall And Deer Park, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, NG8 2AE

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